The Exclusive Tents Team

Paul Zway - Owner and Tent Specialist
Anders Zway - Head of Sales
Zane Zway - Office Manager
Brian Grisham - Web Design and Marketing
Angelika Zway - Account Manager
Jordan Carranco - Sales

Patrice Belle - France
Mohsin Al Harthy - Gulf Regions
Emanuela Padoan - Bali and Italy
Rafael Manzanares - Costa Rica

Christina Ji - China

History of Exclusive Tents

Exclusive Tents International is the leader and pioneer in designing and setting up the most luxury, Eco-sensitive, glamping, resort and accommodation tents in the world. Unlike most products in the luxury tent industry, Exclusive Tents International carefully crafts each tent based on each and every one of our clients unique needs. Our tents are never mass produced and never sit in storage for years before use. With our revolutionary design and superior product, made from the highest quality materials, Exclusive Tents are built to be tested by time and the elements. With over 31+ available designs, we offer one of the largest selection available in the market today to accommodate anyone's visions and to meet almost every need.

When working with Exclusive Tents International not only are you receiving a superior product, but you're working with a wholesome, responsible, knowledgeable and superior company. Whether you're ordering a single tent for your back yard or if you're building a 5 star resort, you'll always have the entire Exclusive Tents International team behind you. We have engineers, interior designers, architects, setup specialists, consultants, and many other associates available to ensure all our customers needs are met. We work with our customers step-by-step to insure their vision of the project is created by considering every detail and exceeding expectations. Exclusive Tents International strives to deliver quality products, unique designs and superior customer relationships. We look at our customers as family and we're dedicated to them long after their project is completed.

Exclusive Tents International has heart and resolve in what they do. Paul Zway, who is the founder and owner of the company, was born a raised in South Africa. He was heavily involved in nature conservation and the protection of the African Wilderness. For 17 years he was a Game Ranger in the Kruger National Park and specialized in anti-poaching. Since then he has become a world traveler making many expeditions into very remote parts of the world. His passion and love for the wilderness and adventure echos throughout his company and products. Paul Zway's goal is to share with people the ability to interact and live with their environment on a more intimate level. He has designed tents to allow the user to enjoy and experience the surrounding environment and not be isolated from it, yet still be extremely comfortable. The tents create an interactive synergy between your living space and the environment. There are no suits and ties behind Exclusive Tents International, we're real people, with real quality products who love what we do.