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"The unique tenting products at Exclusive Tents enabled our Operations team to raise the design standards of our conference in Long Beach and provide a springboard for next years level of quality and craftsmanship. We are very excited to have the Mopani tent in our permanent inventory and will be proud to showcase this structure for many TED conferences to come."

Katherine McCartney - Director of Operations,  TED Conferences


"Not exactly roughing it: these high-end tents come with a porch, multiple rooms and a full bathroom. Some of them are built on river rafts or perched on top of large trees."

The Wall Street Journal

"Sleeping alfresco doesn't need to be a vacation-only indulgence. Exclusive Tents, based in Belize, will erect a permanent luxury tent, complete with a porch, multiple rooms and a full bath, right in your backyard."

Smart Money Magazine


"The resort leaves no footprint on the enviroment. We can pick it up and move it out. In about one month we can move it out and you will never know it was here."

-Valentin Pawlik (4 Rivers Eco Lodge)
- Go Glamping

"If you keep talking about quality don't worry! My two Serengeti tents are still there today - once built up never put down since 15 years now."

Uwe Janssen